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Creator and CEO of Human Better 365, Sober Society and
Her Nation.

Speaker, entrepreneur and author of Envision Your Best Life 90 Day Planner & creator of Catapult Your Life in 365 Days.
Self-proclaimed Queen of Time. 

Sabrina Victoria is the owner and operator of Human Better 365 a human transformation company focusing on time management and organization within businesses and the family dynamic. In short, she specializes in creating absolute masterpieces out of complete chaos.


As an empath and serial people pleaser, she was always looking for the solution to everyone’s problems, and that attribute eventually became the catalyst for her own survival.


Sabrina always had a burning desire to create, to write, to imagine and to rise above who she was. However, it would take her 28 years to finally see, feel and hear her voice.


Sabrina was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago under a patriarchal roof with a strong religious backing. She was raised to obey and keep any outlier thoughts to herself. Because of this, she acted out in subtle ways, which aggravated her parents, and probably still does.


Sabrina moved out at age 18 to find her independence. However, she ended up back at her parents house at age 20 and shortly thereafter, pregnant. At which point, she left their home again in order to cushion the shame of having a pregnant unwed daughter bringing humiliation upon their name.


In 2004, her son Elijah was born, and this created a whirlwind of struggles and challenges that she was unable to foresee. Not only was she fighting off an identity of what it meant to be a single mother, but she was also broke.


Never having the chance to exercise her voice at home, she failed at communicating boundaries, confrontations and wound up playing the victim role for the next seven years of her life.


In 2005 she found herself living paycheck to paycheck and thus falling into the arms of a covert narcissist who would use her vulnerabilities against her for the next 13 years. With an already broken spirit, he would love bomb, gaslight, manipulate, lie and take her on the most mental and emotional roller coaster of her life. Using sexual and financial abuse to exploit her dreams, he promised her marriage, children, early retirement and a stable home as long as she worked really hard and made them lots of money.


Realizing early on that her abusive ex was using alcohol to control and manipulate her feelings, she quit drinking and forced herself to push through the thick walls of verbal abuse every single day unmedicated.


In 2007 Sabrina went full speed ahead building a sales company that was not hers (everything was in HIS name) from one office in Schaumburg, Illinois to 5 offices in 4 different states. Sabrina ran every single aspect of that company, which eventually branched out into 3 companies. She had no outside life, and was completely consumed by work day and night. Although she knew this was not her passion, she loved to work, loved to build and loved to create.


In 2008 feeling a lack of self worth, she was looking to work on her own inner strength and power and jumped head first into the world of self development. Attending The Land Mark Forum, Advance Course and Communication course, Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, the Gratitude Program and absorbed information from countless amounts of self development books, Sabrina became educated in her own self worth. 


In 2009 she knew she could not endure much more abuse; however, she took on each day as a learning experience and forced herself to accept every challenge with an open mind. This is where she honed in on her skills to build, communicate and put out fires every single day.


As the financial abuse continued, she saw the writing on the wall, and knew she had to create income on her own. In 2012 Sabrina started her first YouTube channel focusing on health and fitness and started to acquire a small cash flow from individuals seeking health advice.


In 2013 she found herself crying on the bathroom floor broken from the verbal abuse she was enduring while in this relationship. At that moment she did one Google search that changed the trajectory of her entire life. ‘Why is my boyfriend bullying me?’ At this point her eyes were open to the world of narcissism, co-dependency and empaths. She then set up a plan to leave her relationship and she started selling clothes and miscellaneous items on eBay and OfferUp.


In 2014 she started her first blog called, (which eventually was renamed Nation of Diamonds) continuing her pursuit of inspiring people to get healthy and fit.


In 2017 she had finally saved enough money in a secret bank account to leave her relationship and get her own place. On June 21, 2017, exactly four years after being engaged, she walked out of their half a million dollar home, leaving the keys to her beautiful white BMW on the side table and exchanging it for her freedom. She walked out of that relationship with her and her son’s clothes and bedroom furniture, leaving behind 5 homes and 10 vehicles that were completely paid off and a profitable business that quadrupled under her care.


Because she was the unofficial CEO of the company and her ex had NO IDEA how to run his own company, she was begged to stay on board as the official CEO. Sabrina agreed in exchange for a hefty raise and a company vehicle. He gave her the worst vehicle in the fleet. A tan 2008 Toyota Sienna with no air conditioning.


Sabrina continued to work, continued to build and continued to make money. Despite the daily manipulation, verbal abuse and complete chaos her ex continued to create, she saved every penny and secretly rejoiced in her master plan to do whatever it took to make money and save money.


At this same time Sabrina opened her first Airbnb, renting out 2 bedrooms in her home to help pay for the rent. She successfully ran that for 9 months before getting caught by the HOA and having to cancel all existing reservations. She continued to make money by pushing forward with eBay and OfferUp by flipping products from garage selling, dumpster diving, garbage picking and thrifting to save as much money as possible.


In 2018 she started Nation of Diamonds, a women’s mentoring program which eventually was renamed to Human Better 365 along with a podcast completely dedicated towards time management and mental and emotional health. Later that year she created The Envision Your Best Life 90 Day Planner that has successfully been used to catapult individuals 90 days into their best life. Also, adding two new niche divisions into the company called Sober Society and Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse.


In 2019 she opened her first sober home, which houses individuals who are on a path of sobriety. She also became certified as a Master Neurolinguistic Practioner, a Time Techniques Master Practioner, a Master Hypnosis, a Master Life Coach with certificates in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Obtaining Mastery Method Success Coaching, and she is double certified in Goal and Professional Life Coaching.


In 2020 she launched The 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge that takes place for the first 21 days of every month and she officially became an author when she published The 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge book. Following her calling of giving back, she eventually launched another podcast called Her Version, all based around empowering women who are going through major struggles in their life. In 2022, that podcast boomed so fast with over 350 women interviewed, that Her Nation was formed as an umbrella to host business and personal female support groups that stemmed off of the podcast.


In addition to running multiple businesses and platforms, Sabrina documents her life as an entrepreneur through weekly vlogging updates and is one of the most sought after public speakers in the time management arena. She is a master at detecting unresolved, underlying issues and gently highlights areas of disunity within daily schedules in order to save time, keep time and buy more time. She is never afraid to mention the obvious and absolutely believes in complete immersion when creating the life you want.


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