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Sabrina Victoria


August 7, 1982


West Chicago, IL




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Sabrina Victoria is a seasoned entrepreneur and TEDx speaker with a background in door-to-door sales. She brings over two decades of experience of building and co-building multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses to Her Nation, a dynamic media platform showcasing business owners through engaging podcasts, virtual magazine features, and empowering events. Her charismatic leadership style centers on community building, education, and strategic networking as the core of success for women in business. She is the host of Her Talk Show and leads several networking, business workshops and masterminds per week to help female business owners thrive!


From a struggling single mom, to escaping a 13 year narcissistic abusive relationship, Sabrina’s tenacity and optimistic spirit has inspired fans worldwide and helped endless amounts of people break through and discover their own untapped talents and immense potential. Now, creator and CEO of Her Nation and host of Her Talk Show. Sabrina is dedicated to giving people the tools they need to RISE and human better. Speaker, entrepreneur and author.



Sabrina Victoria is the owner and operator of Human Better 365 a human transformation company focusing on time management and organization within businesses and the family dynamic. In short, she specializes in creating absolute masterpieces out of complete chaos.


As an empath and serial people pleaser, she was always looking for the solution to everyone’s problems, and that attribute eventually became the catalyst for her own survival.


Sabrina was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.


At the age of 20, she became a single mom which led her down a whirlwind of struggles and challenges. Not only was she fighting off an identity of what it meant to be a single mother, but she was also broke.


So desperate for attention she fell into an extremely toxic relationship with a man who took her on the most emotional roller coaster her life. Using sexual and financial abuse to exploit her dreams.

With no where else to turn she dove head first into her partners company, expanding it from a small office in her townhouse to 5 offices in 4 different states. Sabrina ran every single aspect of that company, completely consumed by work day and night. Although she knew this was not her passion, she loved to work, loved to build and loved to create.


Stumbling upon the world of personal development in 2008, Sabrina went all in. Attending The Land Mark Forum, Advance Course and Communication course, Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, the Gratitude Program and absorbed information from countless amounts of self development books, and courses Sabrina became educated in her own self worth. 


In 2012 Sabrina started her first YouTube channel and eventually blog called pureaspirations, focusing on health and fitness and started to acquire a small cash flow from individuals seeking health advice.


Soon after she set up a plan to leave her relationship and started 3 online business that generated over $50,000 over 4 years. She left that relationship with her son, their clothes and her bicycle...starting all over again with a mattress on the floor. Her ex said she would never make it and mocked that she would be living behind a dumpster in a cardboard box within 6 months. 


At this same time Sabrina opened her first Airbnb, renting out 2 bedrooms in her home to help pay for the rent. She also continued to make money by pushing forward with eBay, OfferUp and Fiverr. 


In 2018 she started Nation of Diamonds, a women’s mentoring program which eventually was renamed Human Better 365 along with a podcast completely dedicated towards time management and mental and emotional health. Later that year she created The Envision Your Best Life 90 Day Planner that has successfully been used to catapult individuals 90 days into their best life. Also, adding two new niche divisions to the company called Sober Society and Her Nation. 


In 2019 she opened her first sober home, which houses individuals who are on a path of sobriety. She also became certified as a Master Neurolinguistic Practioner, a Time Techniques Master Practioner, a Master Hypnosis, a Master Life Coach with certificates in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Obtaining Mastery Method Success Coaching, and she is double certified in Goal and Professional Life Coaching.​


In 2021 she launched The 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge that takes place for the first 21 days of every month and she officially became an author when she published The 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge book. Around that same time Sabrina launched her first Amazon Store selling abuse record keeping journals, inner child work journals, regular journals along with her books. Following her calling of giving back, she eventually launched another podcast called Her Talk Show, based on one questions, 'What do you know, that everyone needs to know?'. Within less than 2 years that show has showcased over 500 women. 


In addition to running multiple businesses and platforms, Sabrina documents her life with heavy social social updates and is one of the most sought after public speakers in the community and networking arena. She is never afraid to mention the obvious and absolutely believes in complete immersion when creating the life you want.


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