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Creating Next Level Humans

Sabrina Victoria is determined to be #1 in creating next level humans that are prepared for any life changing event that comes their way. She stays at the forefront of her industry, constantly pushing the boundaries with innovative training programs and coaching. Below is a peek at some of the companies, communities and organizations she is expanding into. Join her newsletter for constant updates on upcoming projects and programs.


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Renew your energy, improve your mindset, and reach your wellness goals.



Learn to tap into your confidence, communication, certainty, and courage while facing challenges.



Focus on goals and objectives that will radically change your life.



Break through limitations and acquire the skills needed to enjoy your life to the fullest. Continue the momentum.


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Human Better 365


Sober Society

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Flagship company, Human Better 365, is a human transformation company focusing on time management and organization within businesses and the family dynamic.

Personal, group and virtual coaching available.

A modern day educational platform based around getting sober and staying sober. Personal, group and virtual coaching available to fit all needs. Built to empower humans during their early stages of sobriety and beyond. Find your joy and passion outside of alcohol.

A contemporary global stage. A platform created for bold storytelling. Providing stories, tools and advice on how to break free from life's struggles and design your own vibrant life. Specifically aimed at building confidence, communication, certainty and courage within our audience.

Redefining the fast fashion culture through redesign. Looking to empower and educate women through imagination and creativity. Encouraging them to embrace their voice and power while building a community and teaching financial independence.