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In 2004, at the age of 21 I became a single mom and was completely disassociated from my family and my church because of it.


In 2005, I was barely living paycheck to paycheck. Zero child support payments, living off of beans and rice while trying to care for my son. I was receiving eviction notices on my apartment door and my car was being repossesed.


In 2006, I moved in with someone. I thought he loved me.


In 2007, I realized that alcohol was being used to intoxicate me nightly in order to make it easier to sexually coerce me. I decided to go sober.


In 2008, the verbal abuse from this person continued to get worse.


In 2009, I was officially miserable. I looked at my bank account and realized I had no way to escape, I was broke. This man had slowly convinced me to give up my home, my job, my friends, my phone, my computer... he controlled my entire life.


In 2013, I was on the floor of our bathroom in the dark balling my eyes out, in complete despair, I did one Google search that changed the trajectory of my entire life…. 


That action inspired me to opened up a secret bank account, secret storage unit and start running three online businesses that generated over $50,000. 


Over the course of those last 4 years I saved enough money to escape that relationship. I walked out.

Now, here I am, living my best life. 

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