This is me...

Hello there!  So first...I am a mom.  Let's just get that out there.  So I get it,  you have one million things to do in a day and not enough time in the day.  You are comparing yourself to all the other soccer moms or working moms that 'seem' to have their life together, and well, you feel as if you are all over the place.  You have lost sight of your goals, your house is a mess and the dreams and passions you use to have are now covered in dust bunnies and dog hair...from Max... who ran away 2 years ago.

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, and better yet, I would love to help you get your passion back and your life feeling a little more manageable!  

That is what I do!

So a bit about me...

I am a semi-kinda sorta health fanatic, and I mean that in the most broadest of terms.  This means that you may see me scarfing down a slice of pizza today and and then tomorrow see me sipping on an $8 juice made from organic fruit which was shipped from the depths of the Hawaiian jungle.  Yeah, I'm that girl.  I don't drink soda or alcohol, I don't smoke, I do love a Chic Fil A sandwich with fries every now and then.  But seriously, I follow a strict 80/20 rule.  Which means 80% of the food I take in is deemed healthy...and 20% is the fun stuff like popcorn at the movie theater and a funnel cake at the amusement park. 

I am obsessed with kombucha, if you have not had it, you must at least try it, and if you LOVE it... you and I will get along fantastically!  

Now, for the important stuff, the reason you are here.

Bottom line, I have a knack for getting stuff done.

I believe in two things.  I believe in people and I believe in movement.  I believe each of us is massively important, but for some reason we get stuck in this funk of doing nothing and letting the days, months and years pass us by.  We become complacent and zombie like in front of our screen drug of choice, TV, Netflix, Social Media...etc.  And that is why so many women like yourself end up right here.  You see, I believe that people create their own energy and energy is what creates our passions and our dreams. 

So, are you feeling stuck?  

Are you feeling like you are spinning your wheels?  

That is where I come in.  

I create movement.

I was born a people pleaser which has been my greatest asset and my greatest demise at the same time.  This means that I definitely have codependency tendencies

and really have to watch who I give my time to.  

This has been a BIG struggle for me over the years,

and I have successfully set some awesome boundaries with people in my life.  

Remember, life is all about learning and growing...

it never stops.  There is always more room for improving every day.


So, from a young age no one would have guessed I would have turned out the way I did.  Growing up slightly introverted with minimal organizational skills, I was very sheltered.  My parents did their best to keep me away from the 'bad' influences of the world. 


However, I moved out when I was 18 and I found myself pregnant out of wedlock at the age of 20.  I gave birth to my son at age 21 and lived as a single mom for many years.  In the midst of my vulnerable moments I found myself attached to a narcissist and endured years of emotional and mental abuse. This went on for almost a decade when I realized I had to either find my power or be beaten down mentally and emotionally for the rest of my life.  I choose to grow my power.  Recently, I took a look back trying to figure out how I went from such a vulnerable victim like persona to who I am, and I realized I concentrated on 4 major personality traits.  I like to call them the 4 C's.  


Confidence: Working on myself love and Power.

Communication:  Working on expressing my thoughts maturely and respectfully.

Certainty: Figuring out exactly what I wanted out of life and going after it.

Courage: Finding the strength to continue to knock down barriers that were holding me back.   


Soon enough, I was a brand new woman, and I was unstoppable.  With my new found qualities I was soon able to defuse tense situations flawlessly with patience, I learned to take on my daily life, not as a victim but as a student.  I insisted on making each and every problem or issue that raised into my life as a lesson that was being taught to me.  I became a machine in all aspects of my life, and with the work ethic of my parents, I was soon able to take complete disasters and spit out beautiful masterpieces.  

People around me started to see a drastic change in my attitude, my looks, my speech, my optimism and they started to ask me how I did it.  People were drawn to my accomplishments and one by one I started to teach and train other people just like me.  Helping individuals overcome a life that seems impossible, a life of feeling dead or stuck... and turning that into something bright and beautiful.  Before I knew it, I was fully engulfed in helping others create and accomplish their goals.  


I inspire women to reach deep into their souls and pull out the inner being

that has been wanting to come out for years.

I am in the people business.  I am in the business of making people great.  

Using nothing, other than the simple act of movement and action. 


Boca Raton, FL. 33498


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