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How To Inspire Your Children

Stimulation of Inspiration - Is it hard for you to get inspired? The answer running through your mind right now is probably “yes.” So, imagine how much more difficult it is for your children. They practically have no motivation because there is no money or fame or big rewards involved.

As parents, with your energy and your words, you need to learn how to inspire your children! Why is this so important, though? Think about the IMPACT you have on those little fellas running around your house. They are looking to you first. Nobody else. If you aren’t teaching them all of the right stuff, they are going to pick it up from social media, entertainment, and the environment.

If you aren’t on top of them and talking to them and helping them reach their full potential, then they’re automatically doomed. Although, there is a certain way to go about doing this. If your children slip up, don’t get yell and don’t nag them. Remember that everybody – even yourself – makes mistakes. Just react to their actions in your normal speaking voice.

Another thing that is key in inspiring your children is always acknowledge their accomplishments. From my experience, everybody works better off of praise! With that acclaim, the likelihood of them repeating that act is probable.

You are predominantly the one your child is hanging out with, especially when they are young. They are looking at you, every single thing you do and say. You are predominantly the one your child is hanging out with, especially when they are young. They are looking at you – every single thing you do and say. Make it positive!!! To hear more tidbits of things I do in my household to keep the identity and inspiration in life up so that GOOD and AMAZING things happen in my world and in my child’s world listen ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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