Do This, Not That

Sometimes it can be difficult choosing the right thing to be doing at any exact moment. But it's important to know that there are slight changes in your routine that can make a huge difference in your everyday life and into your future journey! Join me for this awesome podcast breaking down small little habits that can make a big difference! Something as simple as getting enough sleep, or deciding to walk to the grocery store verse drive can make a HUGE difference in so many aspects of your life. Health, relationships, prosperity and joy! Creating more time to read, means less social media More walking, means less driving More sleep, means less stress Working smart, means less working hard M

Have Less and Do More

Did you know that the organization service is an $8 billion dollar industry? We as Americans own twice as much stuff, and our homes are 3 times bigger than they were 50 years ago. Are we happier? Not at all. So why all the extra stuff? Why spend all the extra money? You don't have to! You can actually stop the madness right now. You see it while you walk around in your life. Stuff at the office, stuff in your car, stuff in your closet, under the bed, in the cabinets. Everywhere you look there is more and more stuff. The statistics show that on average an American home has 300,000 items... yes you read the correctly. 300,000. Listen in as I break down these 4 simple ways and reasons why havi

Learning to Accept Yourself and Your Reality

It sounds as if being fully accepting of your life and where you are right now should be easy peasy, but if so, why does regret, disappointment and all the other negatives of the world seem to get us down so fast? It's important to learn to accept yourself, your life and your reality, even if everything seems terrible. Accepting all the good, means accepting and owning all the bad too! This topic is amazing and will really open your eyes to how easy it is to take control of your thoughts, mind and outcome of your life. Join me! Soundcloud: Youtube:

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Murdering Your Zest for LIFE?

Did you know that I once thought that I would never make more than $31,000 a year because I didn't have a college degree? Did you also know that I made more than $31,000 in 6 months working 2 side hustles of selling used furniture and clothing on eBay and OfferUp along with making marketing videos for over 100 clients on a platform called Fiverr? SAY WHAT?!?! Notice, that first statement would have been true, IF I BELIEVED IT, But at one point I decided to stop believing the first statement in order to start working towards creating more for myself. You see someone told me dozens and dozens of times that because I never went to college, I will never amount to anything, he even had the audaci

Share Your Story to Empower Others

Did you know that my fiancé and I have 2 roommates, which allows us to live in a gorgeous home in South Florida? Did you know that my fiancé and I save over $600+ a month because we share a car (that's $7,200 a year)? Did you know that I had to open a secret bank account and storage unit for over 4 years while I secretly planned to leave my last partner who emotionally and mentally abused me WHILE making sure I barely had enough money to survive so I would never leave? Did you know that our household of 3 lives off of $100 a week which includes all food, toiletries and misc items? Did you know that I paid cash for a beautiful 2015 Honda Pilot last year, saving me $10,000 in the finance inter

5 Things Healthy Couples do During Arguments

DANE JOINED ME FOR THE FIRST TIME ON MY PODCAST! The Corona Virus has us spending more time with our spouses and families than ever before, this could be good... and well, it could be bad. If you are finding yourself arguing more with your spouse during the last few months, this might be a perfect time to listen in on our two cents regarding how to argue ‘the healthy way’. 5 key points on how to get your point across without all the EXTRA added DRAMA.

Feel Fear and Move Forward Anyway

Ever get a case of the coulda-woulda-shouda syndrome? Me too! It's usually fear that gets in the way, or an unforeseen occurrence that pops up that you decide to use and excuse, when really you are just procrastinating because you are fearful. Let's be honest, we all have THINGS in our lives we know we should be doing better, we it's not that we don't have time, it's that we keep making excuses that we don't have time. If you are watching even one Netflix show, or on any kind of social media or gaming for anymore than 30 minutes... than you have time! Today I want to talk about a concept called RESOLVE, it's lets you feel fear, but encourages you to move forward past the fear anyway. It b

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