Staying Persistent

Move Forward - Pushing yourself to the next level is something that is incredibly important to do consistently throughout your life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had little hiccups here and there during my attempt to get the Nation of Diamonds rolling. The major thing is to not let yourself fall off for too long. There is no race, so stop being so hard on yourself. The primary reason for wanting to avoid falling off for too long is because you lose that sense of drive and passion. At least do something small every single day because then you are still moving forward. The only way you will lose is if you stop completely! Part of my whole thing is how to human better, and I feel that working

The Power of Your Mind

We Are What We Listen To - WE ARE WHAT WE LISTEN TO. Don’t believe in that? I’m here to make you think otherwise! What you take in daily, weekly, monthly – has everything to do with how your mind works at this exact moment!!! Every single thing currently occupying your mind is a collaboration of all of the things that you have taken in mentally throughout the years. It is imperative to digest good things!!! Constantly. This can be accomplished through the media, as well as by reading! Not just any reading, though. Books that are comprised of good, solid, strong material. That is going to help you succeed mentally and physically and even financially. That is the kind of stuff that y

Do Something That Challenges You

Challenge the Fear - It is no secret that the majority of people live the same day over and over again. You wake up, get ready, go to work, head home from work, cook dinner, watch some television, and eventually go to bed. It is the same thing week in and week out. LET’S MIX IT UP. Yes, this may cause some initial anxiety considering that many people fear change. BUT the irony here is that this change makes you more courageous. You come out of that experience (whichever one you choose to engage in) identifying as a person who is capable of doing things. Trying something new requires courage and needing to summon that courage is a benefit in itself. You gain confidence and strength and a

How To Focus

One of These is Not Like the Other - Visualize your mind, body, soul, or life. You are a canvas, and you come with a history. Whether it is hurt, humiliation, isolation, guilt. We all have something, and all of these facets fill up our canvas with splattered colors representing this junk. It’s a mess. Every day when you wake up, you want to have a clear canvas. This does not mean you have to be a robot. You are all going to have hundreds of random thoughts per day – it is inevitable. These random thoughts will pop into your head and have the potential to keep you from staying focused on a task. Do not allow them to become a distraction! Take each thought and analyze it. Is it an emer

Special Guest - Cowan and Ukaobasi

Commit to Being Fit This blog is incredibly special to me because I finally got to chat with Eka! Eka is a phenomenal mom and fitness powerhouse!!! I initially asked her how long she had been on a mission to be healthy and her answer was nothing I expected. Eka admitted that, prior to being married, she was one of those girls that went to the gym to look for cute dudes. She was merely going to the gym to hang out with essentially no mission at all. Then, she wed and her whole world shifted. Like many women before her, the focus turns from yourself to your spouse. Eka explained that she had no care about herself, and the happiness of her husband was enough for her. The gym stopped compl

Amazing Email, Vlogging, A New Book

The Right Moment - I woke up today with the most AMAZING email in my inbox. It was from this miraculous woman from India. Without going into too much detail, she thanked me for coming into her life at the right moment. She had lost focus and confidence. She had been enduring family problems. She felt totally out of place. My podcasts had reached her, though, and provided her with a sense of support system. I cannot even put the impact of this correspondence into words. I had just been feeling discouraged myself, too. I had been second-guessing my decisions, and all I wanted was to get one person onboard with me. BOOM. Within days, the universe provided me with that validation. It j

Step Up For Yourself

Get Inspired or Take That Leap - We all want something out of life. Some people even expect big things of themselves. Despite that ideology, nothing is happening. So many of us are merely sitting around as bystanders in the world. Watching life, watching time pass by, watching calendars flip through the years. Things are not going to manifest on their own. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU. You are the only person that can stand up and get stuff done for yourself. It’s crucial to never doubt yourself. Keep the concept of possibility fresh in your mind. Possibility means that something is achievable, so don’t every count yourself out. It is your responsibility to get inspired and to stay inspire

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